Will A&E Survive Firing Phil Robertson, the Duck Dynasty Star?

Hey A&E… What are you thinking firing Phil Robertson, the star of Duck Dynasty

We all are puzzled by the television network A&E‘s decision of firing Phil Robertson. What exactly transpired for Phil to be removed from the network? The answer is simple. One God fearing, honest, Christian man stood up for what he believes in… the word of God and the Holy Scriptures. His slanderous remarks about the ever growing gay community, comparing them to bestiality, brings a great amount of controversy to the table.  Before digging into this inferno, let’s get one thing clear. Whether or not you agree with Phil Robertson’s views or opinions, the man solely spoke for himself.

Unfortunately, Christianity is quickly slipping away from American ties. This country was founded as “One Nation Under God”.  “Under God” has been removed from the  American company, Pepsi, and litigation arose over removing “In God We Trust” from our very own Pledge of Allegiance, and even our currency. What gives one group of activists the right to offend another? If U.S. citizens are offended by a belief that has carried on with us since our country was founded, are they not stepping on the toes and offending the ones who still believe? Vice-versa, the ones who still abide by what our country has been brought up on will offend the atheists. Be the bigger person. If something offends you,which does you no harm, ignore it. Respect the views of others. Step up and try not offending someone, you will find it is impossible.

Political correctness is governing our country. Not offending any race, gender, religion,  marital status, national origin,  age,  sexual orientation, or disability is impossible. People are incapable of supporting any and all’s views at any time. In other words, someone is always offended. Pro gay rallies erupt in the cities of our country offending millions. Hollywood is no exception either. Do famous actors/actresses who stand up for gay rights and  protest get removed from the big picture? How many people do they offend standing up for what they believe in? Truth is they deserve to stand up for what they believe, as long they abide by all laws. Just as people who view homosexuality as wrong or sinful have the right to honor their beliefs, as long as all laws are taken into consideration.

A&E and Hypocrisy

Have you heard of the new television series aired by A&E? Rodeo Girls premiered on December 19th of this year. The show incorporates woman in rodeos wearing bikinis, and even a naked cowboy. Wait… did you say girls in bikinis and a naked cowboy? Nothing defines hypocrisy better than this example. The fact that A&E is teaching young American girls to dress “more revealing” in their activities leaves me confused. Parents not wanting their young daughters to view this material are in complete control of avoiding this, while older generations choose to follow the show or not. Heterosexual men watching the show are subjected to a male cowboy wearing nothing but a cowboy hat covering his genitals. A&E leads on a double standard. Should the network suspend themselves, or should the viewers offended just ignore the scenes or stop watching the show altogether? What do you think A&E would suggest? People are not forced to be subjected to material they do not agree with. Change the channel and life goes on. Same applies to the anti-Phil Robertson viewers. Stop watching the show and let others, not offended, enjoy the show.  Both parties involved win.

The Survival Rate of A&E

A&E took a chance firing Phil Robertson. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, gaining more supporters of the gay community loses viewers who disagree or have a neutral opinion on the controversy. Gays are currently a minority in the U.S. meaning more viewers are heterosexual. A better option for A&E would  have been to utilize a tool that protects their network. A short disclaimer, “The views and opinions expressed in this interview are not those of A&E network. All subject matter is solely the views and opinions of the person being interviewed.” would heed better results. Has A&E forgotten this? Less viewers would be lost if this disclaimer had been applied along with Phil Robertson not being indefinitely placed on the bench. Rumors state the Robertson family back Phil. They are now in negotiation with A&E on the future of the show claiming they will not go on without him and will not give up their religious beliefs. If negotiations turn sour and A&E refuses to reinstate the star, more than likely the show will come to a dreaded end. However, A&E is not the only network available for Duck Dynasty. The show must go on, and I believe another network will snatch them up as soon as word comes out of the shows cancellation. What A&E has done is given another network the opportunity to stomp them in ratings, and earn a much higher income. Along with this comes the explicit amount of publicity for the show. More and more television enthusiasts  who have never watched the show before are tuning in to find out what all the fuss is about. Duck Dynasty merchandise will sky rocket from supporters of the show and the new “Back Phil”  product line. The falling out of A&E network may or may not evolve, but one things for sure, they hurt themselves and gave more opportunities to the “ones in question”.

What can you do to support and “Back Phil”?

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