Turkey Hunting With Triple Gobble Mania! !

Turkey Hunting With Triple Gobble Mania! ! : The Rush, The Hype, The Adrenaline of Turkey Hunting

 Turkey hunting in Spring Gobbler Season, of the 2012 year, was very special and memorable for me. As I wait patiently and kill the time by writing this blog, the 2013 Spring Gobbler Season is only 9 days away! Opening day of last year was filled with excitement and memories, and I will never forget what happened that cool spring morning. 

The most special and memorable part my turkey hunting adventure, as mentioned above, is that my mom dressed up in camo, put on her boots, and went hiking up to our spot right there beside me. She had not been out hunting, besides a couple of times, since she was pregnant with me, 26 years ago. She is one of my biggest supporters, as well as my dad, and i feel blessed to spend anytime with each of them out in the woods. 

The long hills took about 45 minutes to climb in the dark. When we finally made it to our spot, I set up the decoy, got mom and I situated to be in a good shooting position, and trembled with excitement. I looked over at my mom and the smile on her face made the day. I did not know who was more excited, her or I. However, I quickly found it was a close tie when we heard the first gobble of the morning about 5 minutes before I was to start calling.

We both looked at each other in a motionless daze. The sound of a gobble sends chills up your spine, and temporarily disables any ability to move. When I got my wits about me I let out a few yelps with my box call and waited for a response. The gobbler let out another gobble! But, oh no, he was responding to the right of my decoy about 100 yards away. I had mom remain in her original spot, and I got in-line with the direction the turkey was coming in. Now, we have about 10 yards distant between each other and we could still see each other shaking with excitement. This turkey hunting adventure was  getting better and better

The night before our hunt I had gone out with my owl call just before sunset trying to locate a gobbler. I had no success, while using the owl call, however, heard one gobble as I was exiting the woods. Before exiting the woods, I got to wear I thought I was going to set up, I ran into another hunter with his owl call. I asked where he was going to set up in the morning so we weren’t calling over top of each other. He said, ” Well I plan on being over by the pipeline towards the bottom.” That was great, because that was well on down over the hill away from me. I told him I was going to set up about 40 yards from where we were standing. Keep this in mind as I continue this hunting adventure.

With the gobbler hot on my calls, I gave him a little room and backed off for a little bit. He would answer, my now spread further apart calling tactics, as he kept getting closer and closer. This bird had my adrenaline pumping so hard. Triple gobbles were his answers to every call I made. He was now about 50 yards out just over the hill top. BANG! Remember that hunter I met in the woods the night before the hunt? Yup, he heard the same bird gobble the night before, remembered where I said I was setting up, set up in between mom, me, and the bird, and let me call that bird in for him. What can you do? Mom and I looked at each other in disappointment, but that did not render our spirits.

As I let about a half hour pass, I got the ole’ trusty box call out again and started off with a couple of yelps. I couldn’t believe it, but there was another bird hot on the call and only about 70 yards out and coming up over the hill in a good shooting line. This bird got closer and closer. He sounded as though he was right on top of us. Heart beating faster than the speed of light, I looked over at my mom to see if she seen the bird from her vantage point. Her response was priceless, and I will never forget the look on her face, or the words that came out of her mouth. “HE IS RIGHT THERE!”, she whispered, but was very bold in her quiet words. I asked, “Where?!” “You can’t see it?”, she responded. “No”, I said. “HE IS RIGHT THERE!”, she said once again. Now, I’m about going into shock with my blood screaming through my body in excitement. This could possibly be my very first bird I would ever harvest, and my mom would be there to share that experience.

With the bird being “RIGHT THERE”, and me not being able to see it, I got confused. Then I heard the gobbles getting further away from us. I went from purrs, back to yelps and cackles, in hopes that the bird would find “his prize”. Finally, I could not take it any more and leaned out from the tree that I was set up beside, and blocking my view. I didn’t see anything. I sat back down next to mom and asked her where it came from and where did it go? She then told me and pointed with her excitement driven shaky finger. I couldn’t believe what I found out. And the feeling of that will stick with me to my grave. When the bird was “RIGHT THERE”, and I couldn’t see it, actually turned out to be about 70 yards away from my mom. I said snickering and with the biggest smile ever, “I thought you said he was right there. More like 20-30 yards out.” She replied, ” He was right there honey”, as she snickered right along with me.

Noontime came all to quickly that day, and I’m still awaiting my first spring gobbler. However, another wonderful and memorable chapter was added by being out in the woods, hunting with my mom, on that cool spring morning.


J.D. Arp

J.D. Arp





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