Test Your Deer Hunting Knowledge: How Would You Hunt These Conditions?


Bucks in the rut

Fight Night

Season: Archery
Time of year: Late October
Location: Northwestern Pennsylvania
Weather: Partly cloudy skies to light rain
Temperature: In the mid 30’s
Storms: No major fronts or changing weather systems in sight
Winds: Light to moderate and from the south
Deer Movement: Moving at night /pinned down in the daytime
Rut Status: Not quite in full swing, but a  little rut activity in the night
Deer Signs: Rubs and scrapes are scarce, many tracks, very few trails
Known Deer: Two shooter bucks in the area of your stand

Deer Hunting: What Would You Do?

Difficult to read deer patterns have pushed over from PA archery season to Pennsylvania’s opening day of buck season. Deer hunting knowledge is put to the test. Deciphering deer patterns has no constant, except… they are moving at night.

Are the deer getting smarter? Or are they the same as they’ve always been and we need to think back to the basics? Back in time, our ancestors hunted for food TO SURVIVE. Choices of a big ‘ole slab of porterhouse or filet minion, were non existent. The table was filled with wild game. both caught and hunted. Our ancestors did not have near the hunting equipment options we have today, not only with the technological items in hunting gear booming, but also with precision game calls, higher quality overall gear, and stiff competition between pro shops to come out with the latest and greatest best sellers. Are we relying too much on technology and forgetting about what has worked for years and years? I believe the technology has its huge advantages, but sometimes we tend to focus too much on our “cool” gadgets and tend to forget some age old tricks. Each and every deer season is different. You can never predict how things will pan out. You can only use resources and knowledge you possess. Bottom line is: They survived, and so will we. Comment on how you would hunt these conditions. Thank you to everyone for passing along deer hunting knowledge and helping fellow hunters, like you.

J.D. Arp

J.D. Arp





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