More Deer Hunting Tips, Tactics, and Techniques

More Deer Hunting Tips, Tactics, and Techniques: THE IMPORTANCE OF PREPARATION FOR DEER HUNTING

Preparing for deer hunting is just as important as being there for the hunt. Without these steps, you could be missing out on ample opportunities of harvesting a big deer.

Scent eliminator is an excellent way to cover up your body’s natural odor. Deer have a great sense of smell and can easily detect you especially if the wind is in the right direction. Many different forms of scent eliminating products are readily available for you to purchase. Soap, clothing, and spray are just a few good examples you can find in stores. One free method, which is a tradition of my dad’s and mine, is smoking your suits next to the burn barrel. Just don’t burn anything that can add scents you don’t want to your clothes, and don’t stand to close to the fire to get burnt. I don’t know if this deer hunting tip works or not, but I would like to think so. We have had this tradition ever since I started hunting. It gives us a good chance to go over our hunt the next day and come up with some strategies.  Continue reading

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