A Simple Trout Fishing Guide

A Simple Trout Fishing Guide: A SIMPLE START TO TROUT SEASON

As spring slowly makes it’s way in, it’s time to start thinking about trout season. I have compiled a short guide to help you get ready this season, and prepare a short checklist of equipment.


As the cool water flows down the trout stream, you can finally feel captivated in the outdoors again. Gear is important, but how much do you actually need? I like to pack light and only carry the necessities with me. All of the gear I pack fits in my Fishing Vest
. If you don’t already have one, I suggest purchasing one. Vests are found everywhere and are relatively cheap. Now that you have a vest, what do you fill the pockets with? Here’s a list of essentials I take with me:

– a Leatherman Multi-Tool
(or an equivalent multi-purpose tool)

-nail clippers (used to quickly cut fishing line and can also be hung from your vest using a slip knot)

-small bait box (I hang this off the bottom of my vest using a small rope and a slip knot. The slip knot will allow for easily removing the bait box if needed)

-live bait (in my bait box), salmon eggs, and power bait (if you run out of live bait, the salmon eggs and power bait can also be used as a backup)

-an assorted trout fishing hook pack (usually a circular container with 4 or 5 sections of a variety of hooks)

-an assortment of Sinkers
(same kind of variety pack as the hooks)

-extra fishing line
(I like to use an ultra-light rod and open-face reel. I will carry 4-6 pound line.)

-a stringer to put your catches on (this can also be hung from the bottom of your vest, once again utilizing the slip knot. If you are in the water yourself, your catches will also be in the water keeping them fresh.)

-a hook removal tool (found everywhere)

-a small tackle box (containing: crank baits, jigs, plastic worms, ect. I also include a few small bobbers for the extremely calm sections of the trout stream)

-misc. extras: pack of salted minnows, a small emergency kit, sunglasses, and LUNCH!


I hope this list of simple trout fishing gear takes a load off. Enjoy this year’s season, good luck, and be safe out there!

J.D. Arp

J.D. Arp





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