More Deer Hunting Tips, Tactics, and Techniques

More Deer Hunting Tips, Tactics, and Techniques: THE IMPORTANCE OF PREPARATION FOR DEER HUNTING

Preparing for deer hunting is just as important as being there for the hunt. Without these steps, you could be missing out on ample opportunities of harvesting a big deer.

Scent eliminator is an excellent way to cover up your body’s natural odor. Deer have a great sense of smell and can easily detect you especially if the wind is in the right direction. Many different forms of scent eliminating products are readily available for you to purchase. Soap, clothing, and spray are just a few good examples you can find in stores. One free method, which is a tradition of my dad’s and mine, is smoking your suits next to the burn barrel. Just don’t burn anything that can add scents you don’t want to your clothes, and don’t stand to close to the fire to get burnt. I don’t know if this deer hunting tip works or not, but I would like to think so. We have had this tradition ever since I started hunting. It gives us a good chance to go over our hunt the next day and come up with some strategies. 

Do you  know where the deer travel and what patterns they have? If you do not know the answer to this question, then you better get out there. Scouting for deer will allow for you to come up with that strategy you are going to use on your deer hunt. Look for all obvious signs. Check out fresh tracks against old tracks and note them. Also, look for buck rubs, scrapes, deer trails, beds, feeding areas, and so forth. Deer and turkey can leave a similar feeding ground pattern. What I do is try to find tracks around, and in, the feeding area to determine if it is indeed a deer’s feeding ground. Once you get the first initial scouting done, and have kept good notes, Its time to start thinking about purchasing a game cam. I am not going to go into the details of what is a good game cam and what is not in this post because there are many out there with many different price tags. Choose one that fits your personal use needs. Even consider purchasing  a lock for your game cam so it does not get stolen. Use your favorite search engine to find reviews about the different types of game cams. In today’s world, people have a hard time finding the time, between work, family, and social life, to get out there and do the amount of scouting needed to learn the deer’s patterns. Set your camera up, in an area you feel is exceptional, from your notes you took.

Check your equipment and make a list of what you will need. Make sure you have everything ready a couple days before you hunt and check things off the night before. Being unprepared can ruin the hunt. Just think if you forget your hand warmer in the winter time, it will be a long cold haul if you can last. If luck has it your way and you harvest a deer, you definitely want to have your deer drag. Make sure you have your hunting license and all necessary tags you will need as well. Game wardens do stop and check for these items. To wrap this section up, make sure you also have your tags signed and license displayed, in accordance with all game laws and regulations you must cohere to.

Do a quick vehicle check. The last thing you want is to be almost to your hunting spot and get stranded. This turns a relaxing day into a tragedy in a heartbeat. Check all your fluids and top them off. Check your tire pressures and make sure they match the psi listed on the sidewall of your tire. Make sure you have emergency kits with you. Your vehicle should have, at the minimum, a first aid kit, flashlight, small tool kit, road flares, a packed solar blanket, electrical tape, zip ties, and so forth. Other items you can choose to put in your vehicle emergency kit include: extra food, water, batteries, whistle, 12 volt air compressor, jump box, flares, and the list goes on and on. Its up to you how many items to load into your emergency kit.  At least pack the minimal things you may need. This deer hunting tip can change your whole day.

You can also create a small emergency kit to have on you at all times while out in the woods. Take your cell phone and put it on silent, vibrate, or turn it off. If you have signal and an emergency occurs, you will have a form of communication to call for help. Also consider, band-aids, antibiotic ointment, gauze, medical tape, tweezers, scissors, and whatever else you may think of. Check out the hunting section at your local store or online. There are kits already put together you can purchase. Think SAFETY.

Another great deer hunting tip is: Make sure, if hunting alone, that someone knows your exact location you will be in. Let them know when you plan on returning and who to call if you don’t return on time. Check in with this person if you have cell phone reception. This will allow for minimal worry about you and your safety.

Being prepared will allow you to focus on your hunt and not be distracted wondering what you may have forgotten. Safety goes hand in hand with preparation as well. Use these deer hunting tips, tactics, and techniques and I wish you the best of luck out there!

J.D. Arp

J.D. Arp





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