What Is That Turkey Talk All About: Dissecting The Turkey Gobble

Turkey Gobble: Strutting

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Spring fever is setting in. Turkey hunters are practicing their calling skills hoping to bring in that big gobbler. So what does all of this “turkey talk” mean?


A gobble is the sound that will make your hair stand on end and what every turkey hunter lives for. The male species “the gobbler” uses this call to let hens know where he is, and that he is moving in. When a gobbler hears a hen, he starts talking back. He lets her know that he is interested and he is looking for her. The frequency of gobbles can let you, the hunter, understand how “hot” he is on the hen. A triple gobble (three gobbles back to back) lets her know he is amped up, and also let’s you know how your going to continue to call. Should I play a little hard to get, or should I call back along with him.  


Pay attention to where the gobble is coming from. Is it near you and then further away? Sometimes gobblers will try to provoke you to come to them. This can be caused if the turkey is already henned up, or maybe doesn’t feel completely comfortable with the situation. What can you do if your stuck in a standoff with a gobbler? Listen closely each time the turkey gobbles to pinpoint his location. Call to him when he gobbles close to you. If he gobbles further away several times, then you may have to change your location. Moving in on the bird is a finicky process. Turkey have keen eyesight and can spot you a mile away if your not careful. Use a crow call to get the turkey to give you a “shock gobble”. If he is at the far end of his path, move in closer little by little until you have 100-200 yards between you and your trophy. Utilize your crow call, don’t take the chance of being busted easily. Once in better calling range, you can call back as you did from the start, also listening for what he is saying to you and reacting.


Understanding the turkey gobble can give you the upper-hand this spring gobbler season. With a clear cut strategy and knowing a little more about “turkey talk”, you will heed better results. Enjoy!

J.D. Arp

J.D. Arp





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