Building a Duck Blind on a Budget

Seeing how it’s getting ready to be duck and goose season, I thought I would share my new duck blind with you guys to provide a cost effective way of building a duck blind on a budget. I have built and currently use a few different style blinds from full house blinds on stilts to natural hideouts in grass patches. The limiting factor for alot of people is COST! Lumber is not cheap and if you live in an area where your blinds are vulnerable to rough water all that money and hard work can be swept away by the next hurricane. This happened to me with Hurricane Sandy last year. I spent a week of my time, a few hundred dollars, and many gallons of fuel in the jon boat ferrying materials only to have the entire thing swept away a week later.

This year i decided to try something a little different. I had a friend’s mother who wanted a bunch of bamboo chopped down because it was overrunning her yard. So after one too many survival shows I decided I was going to lash a blind together with 550 paracord.

I cut a bunch of lengths of 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inch diameter bamboo, Ordered 1000 feet of paracord, and a 100 pack of zip ties. All the materials to build one blind came up to 30.00.

Inexpensive duck blind

Duck blinds built at a low cost.

TO build, start by parking your boat where you want your blind and drive your 4 corner posts with a little room to spare around your boat.. THey should be down in the bottom at least 4 ft. This is easy to do by placing a 2×4 block on top of the post and hammering them down with a maul. Once your corners are in, you can temporarily ziptie all your cross members around the sides and then go back and lash them with 550 cord once they are all in place. After those are all tied you can then go back and add additional posts around the blind to sturdy it up as neccesary. When you are done the box will be rock solid but being bamboo will have a little flex preventing snapping in rough conditions. Once the frame is built you can bush with any native vegetation to match the surrounding area. For ours we used pine, cedar, and marsh grass bundles and simply ziptied them right to the frame. The entire blind was built and brushed in around 4 hours with me and a friend and for under $50.00.

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  1. Great information Blair! We all struggle in life, and our outdoor activities can act as a scapegoat for everyday stress. We all can learn from you that, through creativity, one can match a budget for their passion of the outdoors. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Remember, bag em, tag em, catch, em, and thank the good Lord for his wildlife.

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